(English) Universal Seeding

Universal Seeding

Products used on universal seed drills;


  • Provides the opportunity to intervene in the process with instant detection of faults that adversely affect the seeding.
  • Enables you to safely perform seeding when visual inspection is not possible at night time.
  • Increases productivity with control at every phase of seeding.
  • Saves time, effort and money.


  • Automatically controls the transmission box by determining the amount of seed per decare.
  • With different sensor options, in seed and fertilizer tanks, controls fullness or level.
  • Controls the seed shaft and warns the user if it stops.
  • Performs manual or automatic tramlining by controlling the tramline shaft.
  • Displays the seeding speed and partial area on the monitor.
  • Easy to use with 7 different languages; Turkish, English, Russian (Cyrillic Alphabet), Bulgarian (Cyrillic Alphabet), Romanian, Serbian, Greek (Greek Alphabet).
  • Can-Bus infrastructure with easy installation and mounting features, magnetic, inductive, capacitive and ultrasonic sensor options, increases the quality and efficiency of seeding.
OIZ-20 Advanced Tramlining

Advanced Tramlining System


UN19-G Transmission Box Control

Transmission Box Adjustable Control Unit



Battery Powered Field