(English) TS-19 Seed Flow Control

Seed Flow Controller TS-19

Seed flow control for Pneumatic Precision Planters.

TS-19,  with optical sensors mounted on each unit and speed sensor mounted on the wheel provides unit-based precise flow control of up to 12 rows, through its electronic sensing, measurement and calculation technology.

Seed flow parameters can be changed by the user according to different seed types and seeding speeds, and when the flow is interrupted, the user is warned with an audible, visual and light warning. The sowing rate and field information are instantly displayed on the monitor (ha / ha) and the seed amount to be planted per hectare is calculated with this data and displayed to the user during seeding. In addition, the seed amount per hectare realized at the end of planting is displayed. Thus, the user is enabled to perform precise planting, to make the necessary intervention by being warned in case of problems during planting and to control the seed flow continuously. It works integrated with the motorized micro granular fertilizer spreading control system which can be installed optionally.

Monitor Information
  • Displays the Planting Speed.
  • Displays the Planted Area Information.
  • It shows the information about the number of seeds per hectare on the screen.
Calibration Part
  • Before you start planting, you can check the singling setting in the calibration part.
  • You can see the dust ratio of the sensors
  • It helps to detect mechanical problems before planting.
Easy Set Up
  • Easy Set-Up with CAN-BUS Infrastructure.
  • Total area information is stored in memory and cannot be deleted.
  • The last partial keeps the number of seeds per hectare in the planted area in its memory.
  • Turkish, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian (Cyrillic), Bulgarian (Cyrillc), Romanian, Serbian, Hungarian, Greek (Greek Alphabet).
  • System check with automatic test at system startup.
  • OIZ-CANBUS Monitor  x 1
  • ESCAN-110-19V  x 5
  • KSCAN-110-19V x 2
  • OIZ-AK x 1