(English) Precision Seeding

Precision Seeding

Products used on precision planters


• Errors adversely affecting the seeding like blockage seeding, chain breakage and shaft breakage are instantly detected and allows quick intervention to process.
• Enables you to safely perform seeding when visual inspection is not possible at night time.
• Increases productivity with control at every phase of seeding.
• Saves time, effort and money.


• Shows the row distance of seeds falling from each unit.
• Precise fertilization with motor control for micro granular fertilizer distribution.
• Displays and controls the vacuum power in the seed drill.
• Controls the level of seed and fertilizer tanks.
• Stores field information of the last 5 partial worked areas.
• Easy to use with 10 different language options Turkish, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian (Cyrillic Alphabet), Bulgarian (Cyrillic Alphabet), Romanian, Serbian, Hungarian, Greek (Greek Alphabet).
• Can-Bus infrastructure with easy installation and installation features, shaft, chain and pipe types with a wide range of optical and magnetic, inductive, capacitive, ultrasonic, vacuum sensor options to increase the quality and efficiency of seeding.

TS-20 Seed Flow + Distance Control

Detailed precision seeding with distance between seeds control.


TS-19 Seed Flow Control

1-12 rows of seed flow controlled precision seeding


MG-19 Micro Fertilizer Control

Control of micro granular fertilizer distribution


ALK-19P Field Meter

Cabin type field meter.