(English) OIZ-20 Advanced Tramlining

Advanced Tramlining OIZ-20

Advanced Tramlining (Tracer) System for Universal Seed Drills

The OIZ-20 system, which is used in transmission type universal seeders, checks whether the seed shaft is rotating with sensors mounted at different points of the machine, and displays the sowing speed and seeded area information on the monitor. In addition, by controlling the marker arm, it automatically follows the tramlining (trace) sequence. It controls the coil or actuator when the trace is in turn, and warns the user when no tramlining (trace) is left. It controls the fullness or level of the seed and fertilizer store.

Monitör bilgisi
  • Displays the planting speed.
  • Displays the planted area.
  • Displays seed and / or fertilizer level / filling information on the screen.
  • It controls the rotation of the seed shaft according to the sensitivity setting made, and gives visual and light warning in case of any malfunction.
  • It shows the order you are in and the row of the tramlining. It checks whether the tramlining (trace) has occurred and gives a warning when it does not.
Easy Setup
  • Easy setup with CAN-BUS Infrastructure
Dil Desteği
  • Turkish, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian (Cyrillic), Bulgarian (Cyrillc), Romanian, Serbian, Hungarian, Greek (Greek Alphabet).
  • Power Supply Voltage: 12-16 Vdc
  • Operating Temperature: -20 +75 C
  • Monitor Size: 111 x 185 x 43 mm
  • Protection Class: IP65