(English) ALK-19P Field Meter

Field Meter ALK-19P

It is used as a Field Meter in Pneumatic Precision Seeding Machines

This product that mounted on the tractor, is used as a field meter in pneumatic precision seed drills. This product can be easily mounted on up to 12 rows of different agricultural machines and accurately measures the area according to the entered settings.

The planted area information is instantly displayed on the screen and it stores the total planted area information in the memory.

Monitor Information
  • Displays the Planting Speed.
  • Displays the Planted Area Information..
Easy To Use
  • It measures the area accurately with optional parameters such as number of units, distance between units, wheel diameter and multiplier ratio.
  • Turkish, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian (Cyrillic), Bulgarian (Cyrillc), Romanian, Serbian, Hungarian, Greek (Greek Alphabet).
  • ANCAN-ALK-19P-V1 X 1