UN19-G Transmission Box Control

Transmission Box Control (UN19-G)

Transmission Box Control for Universal Seed Drills

This product, which is used in transmission type universal seed drills, is a device that can control the seed flow and valve, which allows the automatic positioning of the transmission box arm according to the user selection and the precise tracking of the tank level.

Monitor Information
  • Displays the planting speed
  • Displays the planted area information.
  • Instantly displays the fullness / levels (seed and fertilizer) of the storages on the monitor according to the sensitivity rate determined by the user (95%, 90%,… 10%,… 0% etc.).
  • Displays the average number of seeds per square meter.
  • Displays the average distance information between the seeds.
  • Displays the number of seeds per hectare,
  • Displays the amount of vacuum in the machine on the screen.
Easy Setup
  • Easy Set-Up with CAN-BUS Infrastructure.
Easy Control
  • Automatically positions the transmission arm according to the seed type entered by the user and the amount of seed to be thrown per decare.
  • Allows you to control the Lifting-down and lifting-up movements of the disc and foot pistons connected to the universal seed drill from the monitor.
  • ANCAN-19V-UNG-1 Main Controller  X 1
  • INTCAB-CANBUS-V3-L - Intermediate Cable X 1
  • UTSCAN-100-19V - Ultrasonic Sensor X 2
  • ESCAN-300-19V - Inductive Sensor X 1
  • ARK-UN-G-19V - Intermediate Box  X 1
  • UN-VALF-150-19V - Valf Cable  X 4