Field Meter ALK-19H

Field Meter for Harvesting Machines.

This product is used in combined harvesters, cotton pickers and harvesters and it displays harvesting speed and cut area information. With the help of its sensors, this product only calculates the area at the time of harvest.

Monitor Information
  • Displays the Harvesting Speed.
  • Displays the Cut Area Information..
  • Displays the total Cut Area information.
Easy To Use
  • It measures the area accurately with optional parameters such as number of units, distance between units, wheel diameter and multiplier ratio.
  • It automatically detects the platform’s lift up and down.
  • Turkish, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian (Cyrillic), Bulgarian (Cyrillc), Romanian, Serbian, Hungarian, Greek (Greek Alphabet).
  • ANCAN-ALK-19H-V1 x1
  • AKS-19H Axle Clamp x1