DM-002 / DM-003 Battery Powered Field

Battery Powered Field Meter DM-002/003

It is used as a Field Meter in Universal Seeding Machines.

The product, which is mounted directly on the seed drill without the need for energy from the tractor and works with a long-lasting battery inside, is used as a field meter in transmission box type (DM-002) and trailed type universal (DM-003) seeders. The product can be easily mounted on different machines with a working width of up to 5m, with its body resistant to outdoor conditions, and it measures the correct area according to the settings entered with touch keys. The planted area information is displayed on the screen and it stores the total planted area information in the memory.

Monitor Information
  • Displays the planted area.
  • Displays the total planted area on the screen.
Easy To Use
  • Additional functions for DM-002: Working width, Wheel Diameter and Gear Ratio
  • Additional functions for DM-003: Gear-1, Gear-2, Gear-3
  • Total area information is stored in memory and can not be deleted.
  • DM-002/DM-003 x 1
  • Magnetic Sensor (25cm) x 1